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It’s A Stitch

One of my favorite quilt stores in the Houston area is It’s A Stitch in Humble. They have stores in the Champions area and on Westheimer, but the Humble store is the mac daddy of them all! I can’t believe I haven’t posted about them yet.

When you first walk in to the building it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the quilting/sewing goodness. There are sample quilts hanging from the ceiling and other projects (bags, book covers, etc) on shelves around the store. On your immediate left is the sewing machine area and it is jam packed with drool worthy items!

Terry is the Sewing Machine Manager and a hoot to talk with. Her team is extremely knowledgeable on the latest and greatest sewing machines and will spend as much time necessary to help you make the right choice for your needs. This is where I bought my Bernina for my birthday gift last year and never felt rushed or pressured once while I was looking. Plus, the techs are fast and reliable!

Fabric choices…need I say more? Yes…astronomical. Better? I thought so! If I have ever been looking for a specific fabric, I can usually find it at It’s A Stitch. In fact, a lot of times I see fabric before I notice the new lines on the Internet. Needless to say, this does NOT help my fabric addiction. They have a large grouping of batiks, 30’s reprints, white and black prints, a hefty clearance section and just about anything else you could ask for!

I literally feel like a kid in a candy store when I shop here. Can you blame me?!

So, if you find yourself in the Humble area stop on by and check them out! They also have several fun classes available, check out the schedule online!

Luella’s Quilt Basket

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be sent to Los Angeles, CA for a few days to train some of our employees. While I was there I was able to fit in one quilt store. I would have liked to have seen more, but time wasn’t my friend!

One of my online quilting bee buddies told me to check out Luella’s Quilt Basket, so that’s what I did! Being from a big city I wasn’t too intimidated by the driving, but I was a little surprised at how small the parking lots were for some of the buildings! It was a good thing I didn’t hit Louella’s at their prime time or I wouldn’t have found a spot. The first thing that struck me about this store was the lovely painted quilt blocks on the outside.

The inside is big and open! The first thing you see when you walk in are different sewing/embroidery machines.

Bonnie showed me around the store then left me to my own demise devices. They had a nice selection of fabric.

and many lovely fat quarters!

Look at this adorable chair they recovered with a repurposed quilt!

They had a classroom full of ladies quilting away. They also had a nice book room where you could sit down and flip through some books available.

So, what did I pick up?! LOTS O’ GOODIES!

And last but not least…MAXINE!!! I love this lady!

When work sends me back go L.A.,  you better believe I’ll be hitting up Louella’s again and hopefully catching a few more. Thanks to Bonnie and Jackie for their help!

Jet Setter

I have been shipped off to L.A., Ca for the week to return Thursday. I’m supposed to be training employees, but guess what I’m fitting in while I’m here!

I’ll have a more in-depth post when I get home. Plus, Bonnie (lovely lady at Luella’s) gave me a map of over 30 more stores in the area. I’m hoping I can hit a few more! I wonder how much room I have left in my suitcase…

GRS Creations

Old Town Spring has been one of my favorite places to go on a beautiful day for walking and shopping. The atmosphere is just lovely and the old buildings are nice to see. They hold many events throughout the year for some fun and excitement.

One of my favorite places to stop by when I’m in town is the GRS Quilt Store.


As with many of the other buildings, this is an old house with a bit of character of it’s own!


As soon as you walk into the door you are bombarded with fabric. And I mean bombarded in the best way possible!


They have the largest selection of charms packets I’ve seen in a long time. They filled this bookcase as well as a counter by the front door. There were so many to choose from!


As the shop owner said, there are 8 rooms of “goodies” in her store. As soon as you step into the room on the right, you can see all the way back to three other rooms!


The selection of fabric in this store is more than I could ask for. Looking for fabric with monkeys? They got it. Looking for oriental writing? Yep, they got it too…as well as country western themes, children’s themes, batiks, flowers, animals, insects…etc…etc…etc.


That Saturday they had all of their pre-cut fat quarters for a dollar. $1!!! That’s cheaper than a bottled diet coke! They had not one shelving unit full of fat quarters, but 4 throughout the store.


Every room was loaded with bolts of heavenly goodness. One might think with all of this inventory there’s no way it can be neat and orderly, but you’d be wrong. It was very easy to see all of the bolts and to navigate around the store.



So, what goodies did I walk out with? I got 3 fat quarters:


A couple of yards of Moda’s Cherish Nature (I LOVE these eggs and bees!):


And an odd fabric by Momo for Moda called Wonderland. This fabric is outside of the type of fabric I normally buy. I just couldn’t pass it up though!:



Some of my favorite blocks in this fabric is the little aliens:


and the scissors:


If you’re in Houston to visit family or for the International Quilt Festival, I would suggest swinging by GRS Creations and checking it out! They also own the building the their right (left if you’re looking at the store) that sells premade fabric items like clothing and handbags.