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Early Morning Surprises

Tuesday Mike and I came home to find a “present” on our front rug. Now, this “present” was wrapped up nicely in said rug, complete with a bow of torn off fringe on the top. We have two furbabies, Ellie (German Shepard mix) and Ruby (Lab mix).

Adorable, aren’t they? Don’t let them fool you though. That white one…she’s a handful and I’m pretty sure Ellie does thinks and frames Ruby. We threw away the rug since the fringe was torn to shreds and the rug was stained.

Wednesday morning we decided to roll up our other rug and put it in the hallway so they wouldn’t destroy it. We have hardwood floors, so it’s much easier to clean those than it is the rugs! That afternoon we came home to find two huge piles of food one of the dogs had regurgitated. Eww…I know. Thankfully, we had the rugs put away. I don’t know about y’all, but our dogs always head to a rug or mat when they get sick. Can’t get sick on the floor where we can just wipe it up…nope, gotta defile the carpets!

We cleaned it up, put the house back in order and let the dogs stay outside for a bit. When we brought them back in, we gave them each a milkbone and Ruby got sick again. Uh oh… We stopped feeding her but she would throw up whatever water she had drank also. So, we figured we’d pick up the water and not let Ruby have any more food or water that night and maybe it would work through her system and she’d be fine. She wasn’t feeling well, at all. Poor baby.

That night we all went to bed thinking everything would be right with the world again the next morning. Ruby kept cuddling up to me, which is unusual for her. She likes to lay against you but doesn’t normally cuddle. I fell back to sleep only to be woken up at 1:45 with a retching noise. Not the best way to wake up! Unfortunately, she had thrown up all over Mike. Fortunately for him, it was on the sheets and blankets and he didn’t get any on his actual person!

This go ’round her vomit was tinged with blood. Que panic mode. We threw on some clothes, loaded Ruby and me in the back of the truck and took off for the emergency animal clinic. When we got there, we explained about the fringe (up to this point we thought it was Ruby who tore it up but didn’t have proof) and how we were afraid she ate some of it. They took her to do x-rays to see if anything was evident. They were well stocked on magazines. Did you know they had one called Garden & Guns? A little odd…but ok!

Sure enough, she had some fringe that was wreacking havoc on her intestines. They gave her a shot to stop the vomiting and sent us home with the x-ray. Later that morning we went to see her normal vet who recommended we give her a couple of tablespoons of wet dog food to try and push the fringe through her system. All day yesterday I would feed her a little bit, let her drink some water, and watch for her to go to the bathroom. She never did. She would pee, but that was about the most of it. Of course, she’d only had a little bit to eat, but I was afraid that meant she was plugged and we’d have to resort to surgery. She slept through the night without incident.

This morning, she finally went to the bathroom. I pulled on my shoes and ran out to inspect the mess and there it was. I have never been so happy to see dog crap in my life! She is still feeling a bit bad, but now the danger has passed and she can start healing up! From now on, no rugs with fringe!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas snuck up on me quicker this year than it ever has in the past. In fact, on Thursday I was talking with a friend about how it did NOT feel like Christmas was that Sunday. It wasn’t all that cold outside and I didn’t have to go through the hassle of shopping at crowded malls for gifts since I bought most of them online. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my time off!


On Friday, Mike and I took the Girls out running at Tamarac Park. This was the first time Ellie has been running with a harness but she did pretty good. She kept getting in front of me and stopping, or running in to my legs any time someone went by. So, we didn’t get too much running in, but that’s ok.



Mike was running with Ruby, since she does much better at running next to you. He met up with Ellie and I about a mile from the park and we swapped dogs. So, I went from a dog that didn’t run well to one who didn’t want to run any more! She was tuckered out!



I wanted to go 5 miles but Ruby barely made it back to the park so we stopped at 3.5 miles and let the dogs cool down at the dog park.



On Saturday, Christmas Eve, we did some cooking. The girls were willing to take on kitchen duty and clean up any morsels I may have dropped. Unfortunately for them, I didn’t drop any!



We had our first Christmas party at my cousin’s house. I love visiting with my family during the holidays…especially when it’s accompanied with desserts!




Christmas morning was a bit lazy for all of us. The skies were dark gray and threatening to rain, even though it didn’t do much of anything but drizzle all day.



We had two parties this day. The first was with my Dad’s side of the family. Plenty of food and yummy iced tea, but we didn’t get a chance to eat much since we had to get home to pick up the food for Mike’s family party.



We cooked up some spiral ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. All of the food was eaten up, except for the ham. I think we left enough ham at the in-laws to last until next Christmas! Mike got a book clock from his parents, which I found ironic since he’s not a reader! Alas, we added it to my library anyway!



I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas as well! New Year’s Day I’ll be running my second 1/2 marathon. I’m looking forward to it! What are you doing for the new year?

Lowest Reps Win



6 Rounds of 3 Reps @ 155#



4 Rounds, Lowest Reps Count

1 Minute Pull Ups 13 (Green band: 18, 13, 13, 15)
1 Minute GHD Sit Ups 23 (25, 23, 23, 24)
1 Minute Burpees 10 (11, 10, 10, 10)
1 Minute Push Ups 18 (Knees: 22, 18, 23, 23)


We are working on increasing our squat max, so we’re following a schedule of back squats, then deadlifts, and last front squats. You start at 65% of your 1 rep max the first week, then each time after you add 5 more lbs.


My hands are starting to get torn up again. Pretty soon I’ll have a tear on the palm of my left hand and the two knuckles of my right. My pull ups weren’t very pretty. I guess I need to work on the kipping more. I was happy with my sit ups and burpees. On the sit ups I went back further than normal and on the burpees I jumped on every one instead of stepping back. Score! My push ups were bad though. I felt my core getting soft and therefore losing my form. Overall, I’m happy with it though.



When we got home today we were greeted at the door by 2 dogs. This should have only been 1. Ruby (Rubini) managed to get out of her pen again. We have zip tied and screwed this pen together to keep her in but she continually finds ways out. It’s rather impressive actually. However, it’s irritating because she tears up stuff! We found screws all over the floor and one of my books with the back cover (hardback) ripped off and the front cover peeled.



At least all of the pages are still there. Apparently my dog likes books as much as I do, just for different reasons. Gotta love this face though!