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It’s Almost Race Day!

This afternoon I got to pick up my race packet for the 10 For Texas race this Saturday!



There was a really nice tech shirt (notice the stripes on the Armadillo?), a visor (for the first 2K) and a cool little bag. My bib number is lucky as well. How do I know that? Because the numbers add up to 7! You’re probably thinking “Huh? Has she lost her mind?”. I have this odd habit of adding up numbers until you have a single digit left. For example, 1+6+2+7 = 16 and 1+6 = 7. See?! Hahaha…ok, maybe I’m not completely there but I can’t be the only person who does this. I did a 2 mile run yesterday after work in 31:22. My speed was decent but not as fast as I’d like. However my feet started hurting toward the end. I was doing the Pose running method, so I don’t know if it was that or if it was the fact that I was running on a gravel trail when I normally run on road/sidewalks. In light of the foot pain, I decided to take today and tomorrow off from working out so I’m fresh come Saturday morning.


I also picked up some Sport Beans to help refuel during the workout. I’ve only used these once before for Angie’s Half Marathon, but I liked them better than the blocks I’ve tried. They were easier to get out of the package and not quite as sweet.


I’m getting excited!! And nervous… So, between 7:30-10:30 send me some positive vibes and cheer me on.

Another Great Run/Walk!

This was a good Saturday. Kelly, Mark (Kelly’s Husband), Clara and Katy (Clara’s Mom) all met up at the Town Market Square for an 8.5 mile run/walk. Since my training schedule said I should have been doing 3/2 intervals instead of the 1/1 or 2/1’s I was doing, I decided to following the training guide! I was last, which I wasn’t very happy with. When I started, my shins (right where the ankle meets up with the top of your foot) started hurting. It hurt all the way until mile 4. After that, it felt ok. Don’t know if it took that long for it to warm up or if my endorphins were finally kicking in. I wasn’t going to argue! My last couple of miles were better than my first few for that reason. I was thrilled with the fact that I was able to keep up with the 3/2 intervals for the entire workout. I only skipped 1 run interval to try to let my shins recover a bit. On the way back, I saw a dragon boat race going on. Too bad I wasn’t able to see the outcome!

Next week is the running clinic at CrossFit Point Break. Clara and I are partnering up, so I’m looking forward to being a better runner. Maybe I can finally increase my speed!

I spent the rest of today working on my quilt blocks with my Aunt Linda. What a great day!