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IRun4 Rosie!

I signed up for a buddy to run for in January this year because I knew I would need more motivation to keep running throughout the year. The thought of running or working out in general for someone who can’t run for themselves was very interesting to me. I then joined the group “I Run for Michael” on Facebook and I was sold. All of the support from the runners to their buddies and from the buddies to their runners was so uplifting. To know that I could bring a little bit of joy into someone’s life just through movement…wow.

After 4 months I was finally matched up with Rosie and her mom Brittany. I couldn’t wait to find out more about her. How old was she? What does she look like? What does she like? Brittany sent me a Facebook message giving me details of Rosie’s condition. She has what’s called omphalocele, which she describes very clearly:

It is an abdominal wall defect where some of their organs are herniated outside of their body where the umbilical cord is in a protective sac. They can be small or giant & she of course decided to have a giant one.

While I had never heard of it before, it definitely is something that is more common than some think. So, my first surprise about Rosie was the fact that she hadn’t been born yet! I was fully expecting to be buddied with a young child or an adult, an unborn baby never entered my mind. However, that being said, I am not disappointed in the least! I get to be there (in spirit!) for her birth and get to watch her develop from the beginning into a special little lady! She is due to be born May 28th!! I can’t wait to welcome her!

IRun4 Rosie!