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Linville Falls, Jonas Ridge, North Carolina

Tucked away in Jonas Ridge, North Carolina (not far from Linville) are the Linville Falls. Our original destination was Table Rock Mountain, but we missed our turn off and found this little beauty! There appears to be two parking lots. We parked in the top parking lot but it appears the lower parking area was more popular; However, I didn’t see any signs for the lower lot off of 183. It may only be accessible off of 221.


The trek from the upper parking area to the first viewing area was about .5 miles and had some steep areas. While the perspective is hard to see, I assure you it was quite a steep hike back up!



The leaves could be a little slick in some areas on the walk down, so use some caution on the trail.



The first viewing area is the closest the smaller falls and has a nice area to sit and relax or have a quick lunch, if time permits.




The water then flows around the sitting area and disappears through the rock formations to form the larger water fall visible from the other two viewing areas.




The forest was lush and more green than I had anticipated it would be in early November. During the summer it must be even more beautiful. The tree trunks and roots had to find ways to grow through all of the surrounding rocks which lead to some interesting formations!




The Chimney View was about another .5 mile from the first falls. There were a few steep areas here as well but also some stairs that helped with navigation. The look out spot isn’t as large as the first, but still a nice place to catch your breath. The falls from this view are created from the water that wound its way through the rock formations in the first viewing area as well as the smaller falls a little further back.




There is one more trail that leads to Erwin’s View (only about 800 meters from the Chimney View). This particular spot seemed to be the more popular “hang out” and was a bit crowded. While this wasn’t a planned stop, it was worth the time. Since the overall hike is probably close to 2.5 miles round trip, it can be a relatively quick excursion or can be a nice relaxing afternoon walk!