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Who’s Afraid of a Cheat Day? Me…

As I sit here writing this post, I’m pondering whether I should allow myself to have a cheat day once a month. First, a little background. If you’ve read my blog for a bit you already know this, but I’m going to recap anyway!

I have Idiopathic (meaning don’t know what caused it) Tracheal Stenosis (a narrowing of my airway). Over time, my throat closes up to the size of straw which makes working out, heck even just walking across the parking lot, quite a chore. Think of wearing a nose plug and only being able to breathe what air you can suck in through a drinking straw. Now, think of running or lifting weights while doing that. Yeah…not fun.

Since the doctors don’t know what’s causing it, I’ve been trying to do different things with my diet to see if I can make it better. I’ve been sugar free for 60 days and gluten/dairy free for 45. So far, I can’t really tell where it’s making a difference, except for helping me lose weight! That being said, I don’t want to go through the rest of my life never eating another piece of bread, cake, or Mexican food…mmmm….Mexican food.

With that in mind, I’ve told myself that I would allow 1 day a month where I don’t worry about what I eat. Obviously, I’m not going to binge but I’m also not going to worry about gluten/dairy/sugar. In my mind, once a month is not bad. If I allowed myself one day a week I would be in trouble though.

So, what’s the problem? I’m scared to death that if I break free from my diet for the day that I’ll have a hard time getting back in to the groove the next day which may lead to me eating badly again…then again…and you get the picture.  I’ve lost 50+ lbs and I don’t want to gain them back. 6 months ago I would have been “hell yeah!” about a cheat day and not thought twice about it but I would also have probably fallen back in to my cycle of gaining the weight back and having just that much further to go.

This outlook is definitely new for me. This fear…I don’t like it. I should have confidence in myself to make the right choices for me. I want to be one of those people who can enjoy a piece of cake at a party and be able to go back to being healthy. Normally, an all or nothing approach is best for me. Especially since I think I’m a sugar addict. But, it’s just not realistic to think I’m never going to eat it again!

How can I enjoy my “cheat” day and hop back in the saddle without feeling food guilt or fear that I’ll gain 50lbs in one day?

In a Funk

I am in a funk today. You ever have those? The ones where you just want to run away screaming from all humanity and hide in a cave for a week?

Last week I sent an email to a co-worker asking her opinion on a question. It was a simple question, or so I thought, that would just require a “Yeah, that works for me” or “No, I’m not comfortable with that.” Either way, it was no skin off my nose I was just kinda thinking out loud via email. Apparently, that’s not necessarily the best thing to do. It turned in to this big deal and I’m still not quite sure why. But…it is what it is.

That, along with a bunch of other small stuff is just building up to a crescendo. Eventually, something has got to give. The question is what. If I can just make it to May, I’ll have 9 days off while I’m floating on a big boat toward Alaska and I can’t wait!

This brings up another stress point, however. My habit of overeating on vacation is gnawing at the back of my mind. I’ve made a lot of healthy changes over the past 2 years and suddenly I’m worried that I’m going to lose all of that if I decide to indulge a little bit. That is just plain silly! Or is it? There is a strong possibility that I could overindulge one too many times and not workout while I’m cruising, which then would put me in the “I’ve screwed up so badly what’s the point? I’m always going to be fat.” mindset and THAT could very well be my downfall.

Source: theportuguesewaterblog.blogspot.com

So, what’s a girl to do? Think it through and visualize how I want to be while I’m there. I’m usually an all or nothing girl when it comes to stuff I’m hooked on. For example, sugar (52 days and counting) and diet coke (3 years). Does that mean that I won’t ever eat sugar again? No, realistically I know that’s not going to happen! However, I need to be more aware of what sweets I do decide to eat. Instead of eating chocolate covered strawberries, almond M&Ms, chocolate cake (see a theme here?) I need to pick one dessert that will be rich and luscious and the ONLY item I allow myself that day, or maybe even for the week. If I keep trying to mentally prepare myself, I think I’ll be ok!

What tips and tricks do you have for surviving vacation without gaining weight?

Need a laugh? Or just an idea for long flights?

How Sweet it is!

Today I’m celebrating 30 days of no sugar! Now, by no sugar I mean no extra sugar. No cakes, candy, cookies, fruit chews, jello, muffins, donuts, etc… My biggest temptations during all of this has been:

and these:

My first week was the hardest. It took everything I had not to go up to Walgreens and binge on chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! I’ve tried this before with very limited success. So, I’m happy with my progress and hope to be able to get several more days down. In May I go on a cruise to Alaska with my Mom and I know my diet will probably be out the window that entire week. Just keeping it real!

Something I’d like to point out. Since I’ve stopped eating sugar (and gluten in general) I’ve lost a few pounds but a lot of bloat. I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage anymore. Plus, I can cross my legs under my desk! Before, I had to turn to the side (so my legs weren’t under the desk anymore) to be able to cross my legs and that wasn’t all that comfortable! Yeehaw!

What is one of your favorite non-scale victories?!