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Goodbye January, Hello February!

I can’t believe how fast this year is going already!! It’s going way too fast for my liking, frankly. That being said, January was a pretty good month for me. So, let’s recap what happened for January Going the Distance.

I challenged myself to get 35 miles of running/walking and 8 training sessions. I was able to meet both of those! Of course, I wouldn’t have been able to get my mileage if it hadn’t been for the 13 miles on Saturday. I’ve been doing Robby’s Going the Distance Challenges since October and while I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve decided to take a break this month (yes, I will continue to workout consistently sinceĀ I have a 1/2 marathon to train for still!) and do my own challenge. Thanks Robby for the great motivators and awesome spreadsheets!! For February, I’ve decided to try to become a more positive person. That means holding back biting comments and trying to find the good in the bad. I’m going to try to recruit my friends to help hold me to that by pointing out when I get grumpy/rude/negative. So, here’s to hoping it goes well!

What else happened in January? I finished my Paleo Challenge (I am still eating Paleo) and as a result lost 12lbs and 6.5 inches! I walked the furthest I’ve ever walked in my entire life…which was both good and bad. My feet are still angry with me! There were some small victories as well, but those are the big highlights.

Have a good February!

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