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Weekend Trials…

Happy Monday!! Ok, so I’m not really happy it’s Monday but fake it ’til ya feel it, right?!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was considering allowing myself to have 1 cheat day a month but I was concerned that by indulging the one day I’d be tempted to keep on indulging. Well, I was tempted to keep indulging but I was successful in resisting!

My Saturday started off pretty good with my morning run. I met up with my cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Mark. We were just going to do a 4 mile route that was marked out for us. There is a group that gets together and marks the trails with white spray paint so you know which way to go. Kelly and Mark hadn’t been running since November (their 1/2 marathon) so they were just going to run/walk the route. I, on the other hand, wanted to see if I could run the whole thing.  

I was feeling pretty strong. My breathing was doing pretty good (I think it’s getting better thanks to the Serrapeptase but it’s still early) and my legs were pumping! It was only about 60 degrees and windy so the temperature was perfect. After I hit the 2 mile mark, I expected to be tired and ready to walk since that seems to be wall. However, I just kept on trucking! I made what I thought was the last turn back to the park when things started looking a little odd. I was on a golf course. I looked back to see if I took a wrong turn but the trail only went one way. I passed a few people that gave me looks. After a while I decided I needed to get off the course fast, but all I could see were fences for what seemed like miles. Surely there was a road that would meet up, but nope…not that I saw. Then I saw the top of the country club and decided I’d hit the street from there and find my way back to the park. At this point I was 3.5 miles in to my run. I stopped running so I wouldn’t get yelled at and hoped I could just blend in and get out as quiet as a ninja.

Yeah…not happening. Apparently, there was some sort of shindig going on at the club house and there were 100’s of people there. These were people lving in the million dollar homes I’ve been running by. They didn’t take too kindly to me being on their course! The Golf Course Bouncer stopped me before I could get to the club house and told me running wasn’t allowed. I explained that I didn’t do it intentionally and that I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. He asked what street I was looking for and when I told him he pointed to the woods and said I could hit it through there.

Ummm…ok, so you want me to go fighting through all that bramble? I asked him politely how I was supposed ot get through that and he explained that there was a slight trail next to the house and the woods that I could take. He even escorted me to the opening to ensure I left. Needless to say I was highly embarrassed. At the same time, I was proud to have run 3.5 miles and could have kept going. Plus, some of the hills on the course were a lot of fun to run on!

I started walking next to the house and when I came around the front there was a mother with her two kids (about 5 and 7). No one else was outside….no…just the people whose house I’m sneaking through the yard! She jumped because I scared the tar out of her. I apologized as I kept walking. I found the street and the park. Come to find out, I missed the spray paint arrow telling me to turn again because it was on the opposite side of where most people run/walk and right at an intersection where you’re looking for cars…no wonder I missed it!

All in all, I added about a half mile to my run and I finished at the same time Kelly and Mark did. It was pretty funny after the fact. Mark thought it was especially funny because he’s the one that normally gets lost!

After all of that excitement I started my cheat/splurge day by going to Chick-fil-a and getting a spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries….yummm. Afterward, I went to Office Max to find some things when I started feeling rather sour. I left the store and went to sit in my car for a bit. My heart was thumping and I felt rather weak and worn out. It wasn’t food poisoning but I have no doubt it was all of the carbs that I hadn’t had in almost two months. I fell asleep in my car for a bit and when I woke up I was feeling better even though I had a slight headache.

For dinner the hubbins and I went to an Italian restaurant where I had a spicy Penne dish and a Ceasar Salad. It was quite delicious! I only ate half of my meal because I just wasn’t that hungry. I also had a couple of glasses of white wine. That night we went to a friends house where I had some chips and dip and shot the breeze until after midnight. Now, I only had 3 glasses of wine the entire night.

That night I slept like crap and Sunday morning I swear I had a carb hangover. I just felt bleh all over and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. The bad thing was, when Mike and I went out to dinner Sunday night even though I had felt bad from all the junk the day before I still wanted to order a cheeseburger. Thankfully, I resisted and got back on my diet. Those processed carbs are evil!

Muddy Trails 5K 2012

This was Mike and my fourth time to participate in the Muddy Trails Bash (2010, 2009, 2008). The high was only supposed to be 82 degrees but it was 85-86 degrees. HOT by all accounts. Since the race has gotten quite big, they had everyone park at a church where we were supposed to be shuttled to the race site. However, when we got there it was apparent something didn’t work out as they had planned. The line for the shuttle went back quite a while so Mike and I decided to just walk to the race site. Off we went…

It was about a mile walk to the site. I’ve always enjoyed this area because it’s full of trees and trails. They had a new sign this year.

I thought I’d have time to cool down a bit before the race but when I got there they were already lining up for the 5K. I ran in to my old running coach, Liz, and talked with her for a bit until I saw they were getting ready to go.

The fact that I was rushed to get in the start line was both good and bad. It was good because it didn’t allow me to have enough time to get too nervous about it however, I also didn’t have time to cool down from the walk.

I didn’t take but one picture during the race because I was having some issues. I started off just fine. The first 1/2 mile was tough to run because it was a bit crowded but I made it through ok. Since we’d had rain this past week, I thought the trails would be somewhat muddy. Unfortunately, they were just extremely dusty. I wasn’t anticipating so much dust. This made my breathing pretty difficult.

My goal was to run the entire 5K. I didn’t make it. I only ran about 2 miles of it and walked the rest.  All of the dust made my mouth dry and my breathing hard. It was so hot during the run, but every once in a while I got the chills. I’m pretty sure that having the chills when it’s almost 90 degrees and while running is not normal! During the course of the run I had 6 people stop and ask me if I was ok. I told them I was allergic to dust (which I am) rather than explain the real problem. They were all very kind and one lady even offered me a puff of her inhaler if I needed it!

Since the last time I’d been on the trails they added some elevated cabins and a cool looking rope tower.

Once I made it out of the woods there was about 1/2 a mile left on the road. I ran most of this. When I got to the finish line they announced my name as I crossed which was different from what I was use to! Plus, they handed out medals to all participants. Liz was there cheering me on and Mike after I was finished.

My unofficial finish time was 46:27, which is quite a bit less than my original PR of 50:04! I also have to say, the smell of crawfish makes me want to gag when I smell it at the end of the race, but it is the main reason most people show up!

I crammed some ice down my bra and cooled off while I waited for Mike to finish up. His unofficial finish time was around 50 minutes for the 10K.

If we wanted to, we could have stayed around and listened to the band while munching on crawfish.

We decided to walk back to our car instead of hanging around. Neither one of us had eaten much and we were both ready to go get some dinner. As we were leaving they started the 5K-9 race. I think Ruby would have done well on that race!

And…since we had some time, I decided to pose for one last picture!

While I was not happy with my performance, I was happy with the fact that Mike and I participated. I’m not sure if I’ll do this race again until I have my tracheal stenosis cured (thanks to the dust and breathing issues). Mike seems to enjoy it though so we’ll re-evaluate again next year.


My official time was 45:32 with a pace of 14:41/M (494 out of 555). Mike’s was 51:47 with a pace of 8:21/M (10K).