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Karen and More

Oh what a night… This evening we basically had 2 WODs. When I first looked at the board and saw we were doing Karen I was nervous, then I saw that was just workout A and I wanted to run out of the gym and head home.

I went to grab a 10# med ball, but there weren’t any. The 12# ball was taken by Tiffany and all that was left were 8#, 16#, and 20# med balls. So, I used the 8# ball. There was no way I could use the 16# ball for the entire workout.

WOD (A):

150 Wallballs (8#)
Finished in 10:50

WOD (B):

Knees to Elbows
GHD Sit Ups
Abmat Sit Ups
Finished in 7:14

All of us girls were very close to finishing around the same time. Cortni finished workout A in 10:14, Tiffany finished in 10:22, and I finished in 10:50. I was happy with that time. After it was over, I went and sat on the ground for a bit to rest before the next workout and my legs were on fire!! I’m glad we didn’t have any other leg exercises because I don’t think my legs would have cooperated. The GHD sit ups were felt in my quads, but not too bad.

On workout B, I finished in 7:14, Cortni finished about 7:20, and Tiffany finished around 7:45. We were all tired and sore at the end! However, it was a great workout. I pushed myself harder than I had been in the past. When I rested, I tried to only take a couple of seconds then start again. I stretched my quads at one point and that seemed to help.

Now, if I can just get my diet under control and get this fat off my body I’d have some sexy muscles to show off!

The Torture Continues

A: Skill work “Handstands” complete 4 sets of 30 second holds

B: AMRAP 20min of:
5 Deadlifts (95#)
10 Knees to Elbows
15 Wallball Shots (10#)

My legs were tired and sore from yesterday’s workout so I wasn’t thrilled to see more squats on the agenda for today! The skill work was tough but I was able to hold it the whole 30 seconds this time. It had been quite a long time since we’ve worked on handstands. I’m still 3 feet from the wall with my hands, but eventually I’ll get in closer. Once I’m up on the wall I can’t move my hands back. I’m doing good to stay put!

The WOD was making my quads scream. I ended up getting in 7 rounds. The last round I finished the 15th wallball shot with 1 second left on the clock. So, I was close to not completing it. I was hoping to get more and most everyone else had 9-11 rounds, but I was having some issues! The knees to elbows were tough because my grip kept failing. I’d get in three lifts and have to step back on the box to wipe my hands off and go again. I was even wearing my grips. Guess I was just too sweaty! I lost a lot of time on those. The wallballs were hard for me too. I made sure I was using a 10# ball this time because last time the 12# was a little too heavy and I want to move up from the 8# ball. While they weren’t pretty, I did better this time on my wallballs than last time. My form was better and my back wasn’t as sore. However, I got to where I did 5 and rested a bit, then did the next 5, and so on. I did take quite a few stops, but I didn’t wait as long. The goal is to push through without any breaks but sometimes I just have to catch my breath and get more oxygen in my lungs. 

I was going to go up to the gym tomorrow to work on my form but my legs are trashed. I think I’ll take a rest day so I’m somewhat better off on Thursday.

Another One Bites the Dust

Tonight’s workout kicked my ass up the street and back again. When we got there Shane and Neil were trying overhead squats with the same set up that Jennifer and I tried the back squats with. They were struggling with the kettlebells bouncing around! Very impressive.

We did some skill work on Squat Cleans using the 45# bar. Again, I kept hitting my neck. Maybe I need heavier weight to keep from doing that.

4 Rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings (35#)
15 Wall Balls (12# first 2 rounds, 8# last 2) (I think it was 2/2 may have been 1/3)
10 Back Extensions
200 Meter Weighted Run (12# med ball)

Shane had turned the clock off, so I don’t know my official time but I’m guessing it was around 26:00.  Of course, I was last again. My form went to shit on the last round. It wasn’t a good workout for me. My lower back was/is shredded.  Shane told me that I had to build those muscles up too, which I can honestly say they’re getting quite a workout between last week’s and this week’s workouts.

This is how I felt afterward. And yes…there is still sweat dripping from my hair.

Oh, and I wasn’t able to do a kipping pull up. In my head I should be able to but when it comes to execution, I fail.

It’s Always Better to Share the Burden

Tonight was a big class in CrossFit (8 people) so Shane teamed us up for tonight’s WOD. The warmup was agility work with the ladder again. One of these days I’ll get better at them!

The WOD was a 10 Burpees, 20 Wall Balls, and 30 GHB Sit Ups AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 20 minutes. I was teamed up with Courtni (Shane’s girlfriend) which was great. She’s really good at pushing without being pushy! Since we were in teams we could split up the work however we wanted. One person on the team could workout at a time, so you couldn’t do it together to speed up your time. Some of the teams split all the exercises up 50/50. Courtni and I decided to take turns where she did the burpees, I did the wall balls, and she did the sit ups on the first roung. Then I did the burpees, she did the wall balls, and I did the sit ups. We kept alternating it this way. It would seem we’d get more of a break to recover this way, but it was just hard as hell!

I’m not good at burpees. In fact, I had been just going to plank and coming up instead of going all the way day. Tonight, I actually did the full on burpees with dropping to the ground and coming back up. I did quite well for the first few, but it went downhill quickly. On my last round of burpees I wasn’t able to pull my feet under anymore, I had to drop to my knees and get up that way. Courtni was a beast. She knocked them out like they were nothing. 

The wall balls went well. I had to rest a little bit on my last round, but other than that I was able to push through for the most part. I think that was the first time I actually squatted to the ball every time. Most of the time when I get tired I go low, but may not hit the ball (as a marker you’ve gone low enough you put another medicine ball under you to tap with your tush as you squat). This time I felt the ball 95% of the time.

The sit ups were interesting. I think I was a little nervous that my weight would flip the machine over if I leaned back too far. I did the best I could with what I was comfortable with. However, when I go back to the gym I’m going to try it with going back further just to convince myself that it can handle my weight. 

We finished 5 rounds and got 2 burpees into our 6th round. We came in 3rd place. The two teams ahead of us finished 5 rounds and were into the sit ups of the 6th round. I think Courtni would have won if she would have had a different partner, but I was glad to get teamed up with her. She really pushed me to go past what I felt I could do. I’d pick her again…whether she’d want to pair up again, I don’t know!

Fight Gone Bad

ouufff….tonight was a little tough. It’s called “Fight Gone Bad”. Why? Well….because an MMA athlete said that’s what it felt like afterward. For a look at the workout and to get the full explanation of the name check out this video.

Our’s was slightly modified. We don’t have a rowing machine (which I love using…my favorite equipment at my other gym) so we replaced the rowing with a 200 meter run. The girls used an 8lb medicine ball and a 35# bar for the deadlifts and push presses. I also had to do step ups because I can’t do box jumps yet. Plus, we had a 2 minute rest. So…what was my score? 182 (doesn’t include any points for the run).

Here’s the breakdown:

Box Jumps (Step Ups) 21, 16, 15 for a total of 52

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35#) 22, 19, 19 for a total of 60

Wall Ball (8#) 11, 11, 10 for a total of 32

PushPress (35#) 16, 10, 12 for a total of 38

Yes….it was tough and I’m pretty sure my arms are going to be hurting tomorrow and Saturday!

For dinner tonight, I had some nitrate free Fajita Chicken Sausage and roasted green beans. YUMMMM. The sausage was a little scary looking (very white) but it tasted great. I made myself eat the whole thing even though I’m hardly ever hungry after CrossFit. My total calorie count for today was 1341…much better than previous days!