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Sugarlog, Day 2

Well, I’ve made it two days so far without giving in to the sweets temptation. I’m surprised at how quickly the sugar seems to be leaving my body. I went to get some nutella last night (mmmm….nutella) but then realized I shouldn’t if I want to break the sugar cravings. I was able to put the jar down without feeling disappointed. THAT WAS AWESOME!! Of course, this is more like the third day I guess since I don’t recall have any sugar on Sunday either.

I’m still craving it, just not as intensely. Every time I walk by the filing cabinet (where our Receptionist hides the goods) I look at it, then walk away. I think by the end of the week, I may not even be eyeballing the cabinet anymore!

Today was also day 2 of staying within my calorie range. I’ve started recording my calories using MyNetDiary on my iphone and then also adding the total calories into my Strands profile. I like the fact that I can have my exercise and calories all in one spot, but I have yet to figure out all I can do with Strands. I also use Daily Mile because it’s extremely user friendly, but it doesn’t allow me to add in health items (nutrition, sleep, etc.). So, until I decide if I want to switch completely to Strands (which I keep calling Stash in my head for some reason!) I’ll be using both of them.

On another note, I completed 3 of my 60 miles for NovGTD. I love fresh beginnings! Oh, and today was Patrick’s 199th day for his blog. A commenter suggested everyone eat fruit (Fruit Party!) to celebrate, so we tried to get Patrick 199 pieces of fruit. My contribution:

I love plums! I could probably eat 3 or 4 in one sitting if they were juicy enough.

Have a good one!!

It’s My Reeeeward!

People always say that you should find a reward to motivate you through the hard times during weight loss, or just getting healthy in general. Obviously, these should be non-food related rewards. I’ve always had a hard time coming up with something motivating enough. However….Today I found it!

I want to be a Pin Up Girl! I’ve always loved the 40’s – 50’s fashion and my husband and I both like the vintage pin ups. This way, I can become one of the lovely Ladies and my husband will get a treat as well! *wink wink* Thankfully, he doesn’t ever look at this blog, so he won’t know what I’m up to.  So, my final reward for getting to my goal weight will be to make myself into a Pin Up! I’ve already found a local photographer. If I wanted to really motivate myself I’d go ahead and book it in advance and put some money down. I’ll have to think that through!


A friend of mine told me to try My Net Diary for the Iphone. I had already tried LoseIt and I enjoyed it, I just got tired of inputting my food info (for recipes, etc). Since I told her I’d try it out, I downloaded it today. Ok…I’ve literally only used it once and so far I’m quite excited about it!

Why? It’s the same thing as LoseIt, right? No, it’s not. The one KEY component that MyNetDiary has that LoseIt doesn’t is a barcode scanner. I grabbed my Kind bar, and thought “ugh…I gotta enter this all in again”. But no…I used the barcode scanner, it scanned just fine and found ALL of the nutritional info and imported it into my food log for me!! How cool is that?!

It also has a lot of features, such as being able to keep track of your vitamins/prescriptions and keeping notes. You can also enter in your exercise schedule you’d like to follow for the week. So far, I’m quite impressed. I’m just using the free version at the moment. I went ahead and signed up to their web version as well so I can interact with the community (e.g. my friend if I can find her!). The web version is just as nice, if not nicer. There is an endless amount of data at your fingertips and it has a blog (not that I need one) for those of you that thought about starting one for your weight loss but just haven’t done it.

So, look me up if you decide to give it a try. My public name is just Tambo. I’ll see how long I can stick with this and what my thoughts are after a week!

So…How’s the bug?

So far so good! I only have two days worth of info to post here as I haven’t had a chance to update yesterday’s calories yet. But, I will say yesterday was an up day on my calories (damn tacos al carbon!).

Let’s start with Monday! I did outstanding on my caloric intake and pretty good on my out-take, I mean burn.

I love how you can see just what times you were most active. I’m up by 5AM and go to bed at 10PM. The bodybugg estimates your calories burned overnight. I’ve thought about getting the Bodymedia Fit as it analyzes your sleep patterns too, but the jury is still out on that. I go to the gym at 4PM and finish about 5PM. It’s cool to see it in a bar chart format. I have a desk job so you can see when I was sitting on my tush!

Now…let’s take a look at Tuesday:

Again, I did good with my caloric intake (under 1800). My burn was a little less than Monday because I did the rowing machine as opposed to running.

I like having this information, but I wish it had a few more reports you could run from their website. Maybe they’ll make some changes during their “routine maintenance” tonight!

Happy Thursday Everybody!

Tools of the trade

I’m a big gadget junky. I won’t lie…I love me some gadgets! That’s especially true for weight loss. I had the Nike+ sports kit for a while and loved it. Now I have the Garmin FR60 and couldn’t be happier. While both of these were great tools for calorie burn and distance during the workout, I like to know what kind of calories I’m burning on a daily basis from morning to dark. A couple of years ago I bit the bullet and bought a BodyBugg. I enjoyed it and liked some of the web tools, however, the monthly subscription was a bit much. So, I let it expire and put it away in the desk drawer.

Well, after losing some money and not really wanting to lose any more I dug it back out. Rockin’ it old school, baby!

I signed up for a month of the website, figuring I’d see how it goes. It was $9.95, which was quite a bit cheaper than the last time I paid for their services, so that’s good news. I have to wait until 3PM PCT for them to re-instate my subscription which is somewhat silly to me, but whatever. I’m hoping this will help kick me in the pants a bit to move more. It’s real easy to be blind to the fact that you haven’t moved much all day until you see your day charted out in front of you.

So, I’ll check back in periodically to let ya know how it’s going!