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Week in Review

Monday 6/27/11

Split Jerk (85# 3x3x3)

As many reps as possible of Overhead Weighted Lunges (10#). Every minute, on the minute, 10 push ups.
Total: 231

I tried to keep count as best as possible, but I may have goofed up. My lunges aren’t very deep thanks to my lovely knees. Next time I may try to do all of them touching the ground but I’ll have to go slow to make sure I don’t tweak anything.

Tuesday 6/28/11
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (65# rx)
Pull Ups (Green Band)
Finished in 10:23

Great workout. Got tough at the end.

I skipped my workout on Thursday. My legs and arms were quite sore, but that wasn’t why I skipped. Mike and I went to a friend’s.

Shame Shame

Back Squats
6 (65#) x 6 (85#) x 4 (105#) x 4 (115#) x 2 (125#) x 2 (145#, only did 1)

5 Rounds:
20 Overhead Weighted Lunges (10#)
20 Walking Push Ups

I didn’t finish in the 25 min time limit, did 7 walking push ups into 5th round. I finished the last 13 at home.

Ok, today’s workout was tougher than it looks. The lunges weren’t too bad. Since they were overhead weighted lunges my arms got really tired between the lunges and walking push ups. The part that really killed me were the walking push ups. If you don’t know what that is, basically you bend at the waist and start with your hands by your feet on the ground, then you walk your hands out until you’re in a push up position, do a push up, walk your hands back to your feet and stand up. That’s one. I only had about 10 seconds left when I pulled the plug. Normally, I would have kept pushing and finished regardless of whether I went past time. Today, I wussed out. I stopped with 13 more walking push ups to go. Those 13 felt like 100 at the time.

I’m not proud of myself. I should have pushed through it and finished it. When I got home I did the last 13, but it’s not the same. All the rest of the people were done before me which made it a bit uncomfortable. Oh well…suck it up cupcake. Next time I will finish the WOD (if time allows so I won’t interrupt the next class) regardless of how tired and hot I am. There’s no excuse for quitting.

I had planned on going back tomorrow to hit my 3 days at the gym, but I’m going to have to see how my body feels. It hit 100 degrees today…ouch. Gonna be a hot hot summer.

Running Fool Workout

Tonight’s workout was good but tiring. It was an all leg workout! We started with a warm up of squats, sit ups, push ups, and jump rope. The WOD was 3 rounds of a 200 Meter Run, 40 Sit Ups, 40 OH Weighted Lunges (I used a 10# weight), and finished up with a 400 Meter Run. I was a little freaked out by all of the running but I was determined to do my best this time and not be so slow.

The first run went really well! I was happy with my speed and wasn’t too terribly out of breath by the time I got to my sit ups. The sit ups on the GHB were pretty good. I love that machine! Once I finished my 40, I moved over and started on my lunges. The lunges tend to hurt my knees, although they weren’t too bad tonight. I just did standing lunges instead of walking lunges. I may try walking lunges next time.

Source: crossfitsriramashram.typepad.com

I hit my 40, threw my weight down and headed out the door. My legs weren’t wanting to go very well for the 400 meter run, but I still felt I did pretty good! The hardest part in this whole workout for me was the last 400 meter run that then bled into the 200 meter run…so really, we had a 600 meter run between the sit ups and lunges.

All in all, I finished in 24:43 which was not too far behind the others and ahead of some others. So…I wasn’t last!! Normally my running puts me last because I’m so slow, but I think I did pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, my last run was incredibly slow because I was pooped…but I was happy with the outcome!

Afterward, I tried to do pull ups using the black band. I wasn’t able to pull myself all the way up, but I did get a decent pull. Shane said he would prefer I only be able to go up part way using the band than doing jumping pull ups on the box. So…good by jumping pull ups!

Meeting Jillian

No….not that Jillian!

Although it was that tough. This was one of our benchmark workouts (like Fran) that we’ll do again in a month or so to see our improvement. We had to do 300 weighted (10lb plate) lunges interrupted by 2 burpees every minute, on the minute. It was supposed to be 3 burpees, but Shane changed it. Since I don’t bounce up very well after going all the way down, I just got down into the plank position during mine. I finished in 19:53. It was hard. You wouldn’t think that 10lb plate would get too bad, but it got quite heavy! Plus, our arms were still a little sore from Tuesday’s workout.

My knees hurt when I do lunges. It’s odd because I can do squats without too many problems, but lunges hurt. I think it must be the angle of the leg. Shane kept asking if I was ok, and I was. They’re a little sore today, but they’ll get over it! I think if I can keep building up my leg muscles around my knees maybe they’ll stop hurting eventually on those types of moves.

I asked what kind of meal I should be eating after getting my butt kicked and Shane said to make sure I eat at least 30-35 minutes after the workout and get in good protein, vegetables (not salad since it’s mainly water), some fruit and a little fat (avocado, nuts, etc). I was only able to get a chicken breast and some green beans down. I just cannot seem to eat much after my CrossFit workouts. Guess that’s good…not sure!

On another note, I’m going to fall short of achieving my December Going the Distance Challenge. I’ll probably get about 90% done…but I only have 1 day left and I’ll be spending quite a bit of time visiting Grandpa/family. However, I am very happy with my effort! I worked out harder this month than I think I have my entire life!