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Quilting Gnomes and I’m an Idiot

It’s getting close to the weekend…what does that mean? That means I can finally get back to making Dakota’s new quilt so I can hopefully have it done by Christmas this year (outlook not looking so good at this point in time!). When I went to visit with them last time I asked him if he’d want a new quilt because HE brought up his old one. So, now that I think he’s at an age where he can appreciate it and not make me cry by throwing it over the couch and looking for toys, I figured it’s time to get him a proper quilt!

Unfortunately, I’ve been very slow to get this puppy done. My online quilting bee helped make some of the blocks. Which was a time saver for me! I then scheduled a WIP date with my Aunt so she could help me finish up the blocks (only needed 24 more). It’s always more fun when you can visit with friends while sewing anyway! We finished all of the blocks on 8/17 and I put them away in a Ziploc bag.

Today, yes a whole 2 months later, I’m finally getting around to laying the blocks out so I can get it put together. I don’t want too many of the same type of blocks together so I wanted to lay it all out on the floor and re-arrange them as needed. Since I have more room (and less dog hair!) at work, I brought the bag with me this morning and set to work!

You notice anything wrong? Yep, I’m missing a block! Apparently the Quilting Gnomes were tired of my slow progress and decided to punish me by making me do extra work.

I went ahead and labeled them all since I was pretty happy with the layout, I’ll just have to make a new block to plug in there.

I folded my quilt blocks up and shoved them back in the Ziploc bag fuming that I have to make another block instead of just whipping these together. Sat down at my desk to write this post when I noticed something. I’m an idiot. Yep, I’m a full blown idiot. Let’s look at this post again…. Shoot, I’ll make it easier for you:

I was using a 7×7 (49 block) layout this morning when I should have been using an 8×6 (48 block) layout. *headsmack* Now, it’s back to the drawing board and I have to spend another hour getting the layout right…again. While I feel like a schlub, I’m glad that the mystery of the missing block has been solved and I apologize to any quilt gnomes I may have offended by my accusations.

One WIP Almost Done!

I spent quite a bit of the evening yesterday cutting up 300 2″ squares to get ready for today’s sewing extravaganza!

Thankfully, all we had to do today was sew, sew, sew.  I arrived at my Aunt Linda’s house at 9:15 and we didn’t finish sewing the blocks until 5:00pm. We did take a little over an hour for lunch, but still it was a packed day!

We tried to make sure we had a different color wave in each unit (4 individual squares to make a block). That got a little tedious after a bit because some of the squares could only be turned one direction, where some of them could go whichever direction.

After cutting all of those small green squares I thought we’d have plenty left over in case we goofed something up. However, we ended up using ALL of the green squares and almost didn’t have enough individual charm squares to complete the quilt top! We weren’t able to sew the quilt top together, but all of the blocks are done and ready to be arranged and quilted! I’m so excited to see this quilt coming together!

Oh, Didn’t Expect That

I’m going to take a break from Flash Fiction Mondays this week to talk a little bit about my work in progress. This past Saturday I drug my tush out of bed at 6AM to meet up with my running/workout partner for our run. After finishing almost 4 miles it was time to head to Borders for our Writers’ Guild meeting. This is only my third time meeting with the group and every time they ask me if I have any writing I want to share. So far, I haven’t had the guts to lay myself out there. However, I made a step in the right direction. I joined up with one of the other members, Laurie, to be crit partners. While I’m not yet brave enough to subject my writing to the entire group, I am willing to let Laurie dig in and tell me what she thinks.

Laurie is currently writing a YA Paranormal book and the first chapter was quite intriguing. Her use of imagery was outstanding. I have no doubt that once she begins the editing phase her novel will be in excellent shape. I’m quite excited to see how this partnership develops.

As far as my WIP goes, it took an unexpected turn last night. My novel was going to have some elements of fantasy and steampunk but not be overly so. Well, that all changed last night. This is definitely a fantasy novel. The world is being re-created and altered and I am having a blast with it! I also would have said this was going to be a romance, but I believe it’s leaning more toward a mystery with romantic undertones. I’ll know more the further I get into the story.

Do you find your story changing when you least expect it? How do you handle that? Do you go with the flow or write it down for perusal at a later date?

Playing Around

Last night I was going to do Heidi’s block for our bee, but I thought I had read it was a paper piecing block and I didn’t have the template. So, I decided I’d print the template out at work then do the block when I got home tonight. However…I was wrong. Sorry Heidi!!

Since I thought I had some extra time, I wanted to play around with the BSR I got back in October and have yet to use. I threw together a quick fused Lemondrop martini wall hanging using some fun olive fabric I found a while back (I need to find more of it!).

Next, I went in and just did a stitch around all of the edges to hold it in place.

So far so good at this point! Now, I’m extremely excited to get my BSR hooked up and going. First, it took me a while to figure out the correct settings. It said to minimize the pressure foot pressure but then the screen kept griping at me to put it at 47 and the book showed turning the dial down (toward the +) which made no sense to me. But, I did as the machine and book said.

OH MY GOODNESS…it was not at all what I had expected. I thought it would be relatively smooth, but the needle was jumping and speeding up with just barely a movement of the material. I really did a job on the quilting portion. As my husband said, it looked better before I quilted it! I went around all of the little olives after playing with the BSR settings. I found I did better on the BSR 2 setting instead of 1, but I still think I have something wrong. I need to go to the Bernina classes at the store where we bought the machine, but at the time all of the first classes were gone and you can’t take any other classes out of order. Anyway…I got it quilted and while it doesn’t look bad…it doesn’t look that good either!

You can click on the picture for a larger verson. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get the binding done and have it hanging on my wall.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a BSR Newbie?!! Any advice is welcome.

WIP Fail

I sat down last night to work a bit on my current WIP, Troika (subject to change). Things had been going pretty well all afternoon at the day job. Ideas were flowing, notes were written, and I was excited to get home and put it down on paper. Houston, we have a problem. As soon as my monitor lit up, it fried my brain. YES…shot particles of light through my optic cord into my frontal lobe.

Unfortunately, this led to me not being able to form a cohesive sentence, let alone a riveting scene. Slowly I pushed the small silver button, shoved my computer to the side, and vegged out by counting the bug splat designs on the ceiling. Nope…not a productive evening at all. That’s alright though! It’s all part of the process. Some days you’re firing on all cylinders, some days…well, you get the point.