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Modern Siggy Swap

This past weekend was full of sewing! I was able to get some work on my wall hanging done, but most of all I was able to get my blocks done for the Modern Siggy Swap #2 by Jaybird Quilts. The main requirement was that we had to use a modern fabric, so my choice was Hushabye by TulaPink.

The outer strips were 1 1/2″ and the middle strip was 2 1/2″.

These were some of the fastest blocks to put together, which was a good thing because I had put it off until the last minute!

And, after an entire day of sewing these little beauties I finally had my 101 done and ready to mail out! I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail!

Wall Hanging Hint #2

And….here’s hint photo #2!

So, what conclusions did I come to tonight? I need a better sewing machine. One that has a smooth start and is quieter!! I have a hard time going slow with the one I have now. It wants to either go fast or stop….it’s hard to get a nice steady speed. What does all of that add up to? My lines are going to be wonky, but wonky works sometimes!

Happy Quilting!

Stash Sundays

I went to the local JoAnn’s and picked up this fun fabric! I like the vintage advertisements which this fabric reminded me of. So, into my stash it goes!

I’ll also give y’all a hint at my new project I’m working on. It’s going to be a wall hanging…but that’s all I’m sharing, besides this photo!

Have A Happy New Year

Well, the new year has begun and we are into our first full week. If y’all had a holiday like I did, you ate too much, played too much, and had a tough time getting up early for work today!

I haven’t had much time in the past few days to work 0n any of my projects, but I plan on getting the binding done for Alaina/Zoey’s quilt and I have a bag I’d like to make. Unfortunately I don’t have any interfacing. Does anyone have any suggestions on a replacement for interfacing? I think batting would be too soft…any suggestions would be welcomed!

I have a couple of resolutions for this year, if you want to call them resolutions. First I want to complete at least 5 quilts this year. 5 may not be that many for some, but I only have a couple of hours in the evening during the week available for dinner, exercise, and relaxation and the weekends. So, it’s tough for me to work it all in! My second resolution is to be a happier person. It never hurts to be happier!

That being said, when I came into the house today I was NOT a very happy person. Sitting on the rug right in front of the door was my new (a few months old) camera with some fresh teeth marks.

Needless to say I was ready to beat my lovely pooch. Thankfully my hubby took her outside to the pen before I could get my hands on her!

We already have one dog we put in a crate while we’re at work because she would chew on anything and everything available. After she chewed up a couple of my quilting books and a box of pins (eek) she was introduced to her new room (aka crate).

Don’t let the sweet face fool you, she’s plotting world domination. The wheels are turnin’…

Happy New Year everyone! May it be full of blessings!